Your Story + FaceBook Group SEO = $0 Leads

Leverage the power of FaceBook SEO to grow your business

My Name Is Dejon Brooks

I help individuals and brands “Pre-Sell Their Story” to build communities online.

Why FaceBook Group SEO?

Get Leads/Sales Calls For $0

Despite the negative reputation FaceBook groups have, FaceBook SEO is still a fantastic way to tap into new audiences organically to generate $0 leads/sales calls consistently.

Consistent Traffic Flow

FaceBook has BILLIONS of users using their search feature every month. This provides a consistent steady flow of traffic to your group and offer each week.

Work For All Niches

With the right keyword research, generating leads and sales calls through FaceBook group SEO can work for ALL niches!

What Does It Mean To Pre-Sell Your Story?

Pre-Selling Your Story is a method of story telling where you

Share Your Past

Share your story as to how you’ve gotten to where you are.

Document Your Journey

Publically document the ups & downs of your journey in real-time online.

Build a Movement In Real Time

Leveraging your story to build a MASSIVE movement along the way.

Why Is Sharing Your Story Online So POWERFUL?

Trust is what makes people want to invest in your vision. It also is what moves society around. One of the best ways to build trust online is through storytelling.

Your Story + FaceBook Group SEO = $0 Leads

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